"keep Kurdistan green"

"keep Kurdistan green"

This project will raise the environmental awareness and create a green and clean setting involving the students , teachers and thier parents at the targeted schools including 9 schools from Halabja province and its surrounding areas Hawraman , Saidsadiq, Sirwan and Khurmal.

Through this project, each of the schools will be visited by our project staff every month during the whole project period, presenting environmental seminars for the students, teachers and thier parents, forming envieronment groups among the students to be involved in the activities, performing theatre plays, distributing tote bags and protective masks, conducting clean up campaigns in cooperation with the students , providing envieronmental materials, other small environment actions such as  building an insect hotel  and other good ideas.

This project is funded by BMZ and WADI organization and implemented by NWE organization in Halabja .

Project duration starts from November  15 , 2020 to November 14 , 2022



Objectives and results :

1-Raising environmental awareness

2- Increasing the use of cotton  bags instead of the plastic bags.

3- Expanding the green spaces in the education settings.

4- Encourging the students to be environment friendly.